IsummerMX2019 Mexico City


Mexican Identity and Culture

Mexico City –Puebla –Querétaro -Guadalajara Courses A-MexicanIdentityand Culture & B1-Basic Spanishor B2-Intercultural Communication


Querétaro –Chihuahua –Mexico City Courses A-Aeronautics fundamentals B-Aeronautical engineering project

Global Business

Mexico City –Querétaro –León -Monterrey Courses A-Enterprise, Culture and Business in the world B-Doing Business in Mexico

Insights to love Mexico

Mexico City –Puebla –Querétaro -Guadalajara Courses A-Marketing and Creativity B-Consumer Behavior

Music, Memory and Identity

Mexico City –Puebla -Monterrey Courses A-Music and Society B-Overview of the Arts and Popular Cultures

Disaster Risk Reduction & Sustainable Development

Mexico City –Puebla-Chiapas Courses A-Introduction to International Cooperation Development B-International Cooperation Project I: Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable Development.

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