Летняя школа в Бразилии

Mind the deadline: Submissions for Undergraduate students until May 26, 2019, through our website.

With more than 45,000 students in 133 courses, UFF welcomes undergraduates from all over the world to join our Mobility Program.

With the intention of providing non-Portuguese-speaking students with even more options of academic activities, UFF has started the International Labs Program to welcome students in more than eighty laboratories and research groups in the most diverse fields of knowledge.

UFF will start, from July 29th to August 9th, a course to present the Brazilian language and culture to international students. This course will introduce practical, day-to-day Portuguese language usage, as well as History, Geography, Music, Cinema and other cultural aspects of the country and culture.

Foreign researchers can extend their investigation to the laboratories and facilities of Universidade Federal Fluminese.

By studing at UFF, your students will have access to the whole structure offered by our International Cooperation Office as well as our University:

  • Buddy Program: UFF students are selected, as volunteers, to help foreign students settling in our city, culture and educational system.
  • University Restaurant: Low-cost restaurant, provided by the University, for all the students.
  • Shuttle bus: Free transportation between UFF campuses.
  • Portuguese for Foreigners: Intensive and regular courses for mobility students.
  • Courses ministered in English
  • Academic Outreach Activities
  • Cultural Activities

Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) is an almost sixty years old university, located very near the city of Rio de Janeiro, in Niterói. UFF is a public educational institution, linked to the federal system.

Niterói is located 13 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Atlantic Forest. Its population is a little over half a million people. It is considered the best Human Development Index (HDI) in the whole state.